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How Stress Affects Female Fertility


How stress affects female fertility

Post by RajniIvf, March 25, 2021.
Stress Affects Female Fertility
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By interfering with the action of the hypothalamus, severe stress can upset the normal cycle of hormone from the pituitary disturb or inhibit ovulation leading to irregular periods.

In 1986 at University of Dublin Ireland study a group of women with unexplained infertility levels of prolactin hormone associated with stress which can also prevent ovulation.

When these women were taught to relax their prolactin levels decreased and their menstrual cycles gradually return to normal.


Fight or flight the stress response

When you register a sudden stress or threat your brain shuts down some of the body's system so that all available energy can be directed towards confronting the threat for escaping from it. Fight or flight response- heart beats faster, breathing becomes click and shallow, the blood flows away from the non- essential organs such as the skin and stomach, dresses in straight to the muscles and brain. You may also sweat more, your mouth may go dry and you may feel the sudden urge to urinate. These effects are all on by the hormone adrenaline, which is released by the two adrenal glands under instruction from the hypothalamus gland in the brain.

Unfortunately few challenges in the modern world require such a physical response, can make you feel anxious without ever having a physical release.

Human body can weather short bursts of stress as long as it relax is fully in between. But people often during prolonged stress and this can damage their health. If you are under constant pressure you may suffer from minor symptoms such as irritability muscle ache rating and disturbed appetite.

If you are susceptible to herpes or cystitis, you may find that stress sets off an attack.

Long term stress can lead to disturbed sleep patterns anxiety panic attacks high blood pressure and chronic headaches. It can also depress your immune system and you may find yourself catching and cold around.

Women's bodies vary their sensitivity to stress however. The prospect of a driving test might be enough to stop one woman’s periods, while another may menstruate exactly on time even after the death of a close friend.

Even if your periods do not stop all together they may become painless light or irregular with very short or long gaps between them. A prolonged the disturbance in your menstrual cycle may be a sign that your body is rebelling against the pressure you are under. It is not unusual to hear that women who have suffered infertility for years and been under severe stress and pressure have conceived when the pressure was lifted.

They may relax, for instance, when they are accepted by an adoption agency to become adoptive parents or given date to start fertility treatment.

If you are under stress you may also find that you lose interest in sex .Just as fear can give you a dry mouth the adrenaline released during the stress response can cause vaginal dryness by inhibiting the function of the cervical and vaginal mucus glands.

How stress affects male fertility

Long –term stress can affect sperm production by interfering with the hormones from the pituitary gland that stimulate the testis. Research has shown that men under stress at work or home are more likely to have poor sperm quality may experience the fertility.

Stress can add to the effects of other causes of poor sperm production suggest smoking obesity.

Anxiety and Fertility

Like prolonged stress, anxiety can reduce your fertility and affect your libido. Feelings of anxiety are very similar to fear but are less severe and are quite normal in many situations.

It only becomes and healthy when you begin to feel anxious for no apparent reason or when it is out of all proportion to the cause of your worry. Symptoms of abnormal and it include constantly worrying about something having the physical feeling of fear (racing pulse, sweating, goose bumps, breathlessness)without any obvious reasons sleeping nightmares poor concentration and memory panic attack about situations you could one have faced without problem prolonged muscle tension and headaches and nausea appetite or diarrhea.

Abnormal anxiety can be caused by the suppressed emotions of the traumatic experience in the past. Childhood abuse or loss of the baby to abortion for miscarriage can all be triggers mini less extreme events. Past relationships also set the stage for anxiety. Children of demanding or anxious parents often grow up to be nervous and find it hard to relax. The message themselves impossible standards so that they constantly feel anxious to succeed it has a play as well some of us are just more prone to anxiety than others.

If you are severely affected by anxiety, your doctor may be able to help and unravel the cause. It could be brought on by physical illness such as an overactive thyroid or high blood pressure which not only needs treatment but could also be affecting your fertility.

Be sure to mention that you are considering pregnancy in the question of medication arises are not known to be additive and doctors will usually prescribed them in short courses only to help people over a sudden traumatic event.

Managing stress and anxiety

If you cannot avoid stress you can get East loan to control its effects in fat you will have already taken an important step to word recovery amazing that you are suffering from stress or anxiety.

Train listing all the worries you have writing them down in order to CBI then walked down the list and attempt to find a solution for each problem just sharing your worries can also be helped to talk to your partner a trusted friend or a counselor recommended by your health care professional you can also help to prevent stress and anxiety by understanding why you react as you do in certain situation and while learning a relaxation technique.