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Diabetes Control and a Healthy Baby During Pregnancy


Diabetes Control and a Healthy Baby During Pregnancy

Post by RajniIvf, Jan 21, 2021.
Diabetes Control Healthy Baby Pregnancy

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Each of the stages of the gestation is important in your baby's development. And it is important that you keep your diabetes in control during each stage it is very important that your habit is be in control for conception and in the first few weeks of the pregnancy because the baby's vital organs like heart, lungs Kidneys and brain are formed in the first 8 weeks of gestation. So a woman seeks care from her health Care team before she becomes pregnant.

Babies born to women with diabetes have a higher risk of birth defects than those born to women who don't have diabetes.

Researches suspected that poor diabetes control is responsible for most of the birth defects .Poor control of your diabetes particularly in those early weeks, could expose your baby to high levels of glucose and ketone.


This is because both can pass through the Placenta to the baby but insulin cannot. The baby’s exposure to higher than normal levels of glucose may increase the chances of birth defects.

These high levels of glucose can cause other problems for your little one in the last half of your pregnancy.

When fed this extra glucose, a baby tends to get fat. Baby doesn't have diabetes is for the pancreas is produce insulin to lower the blood glucose. So, the baby grows bigger and fatter then she or he would normally is called macrosomia.

A baby’s production of extra insulin can cause another problem. It hard to quickly stop the baby's pancreas using the extra insulin after he or she is born. So the baby must go through a type of sugar withdrawal at birth. During this withdrawal the babies blood glucose level drop dangerously low, condition called hypoglycaemia.

If Hypoglycaemia is not treated, it can cause serious problems for the new born, such as seizures and cerebral palsy.

Usually, baby is given sugar through an intravenous line (IV) and is watched carefully in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

Another problem call jaundice what is common among all babies but even more so among those born to women who have diabetes or premature infants. Jaundice is a yellowing of the skin cost from a waste product called Billy Rubin. Before birth your baby needs a large supply of red blood cell. However at birth your baby no longer needs these extra supplies. So after the baby is born its liver will work to break down and excrete the old red blood cells.

However, at birth your baby no longer needs this extra supply.so after the baby is born, its liver will work to breakdown and excrete the old red blood cells. If your baby’s liver isn't mature enough, we have trouble handling this workload. Unfortunately this creates a build-up of old red blood cells. The broken down red blood cells or pigments are Billy Rubin.

State of being excreted is deposited in the baby's tissues. That is what colours the skin yellow.

Babies born with Jaundice are sometimes treated by being exposed to special lights. Help break down and get rid of bilirubin. In most children born with Jaundice, this treatment is successful and last only a few days. But high levels of bilirubin can be toxic to the brain and nerves. Jaundice become severe enough, tablet exchange, but the chance of this happening is rare.

Another problem that rarely occurs and is not pleasant to discuss is stillbirth. Stillbirth is a word for when a baby dies before birth. Stillbirth use to occur more frequently when women with diabetes had severe hyperglycaemia. But now with expert care and good diabetes control, the chances of stillbirth are quite low. It may be necessary to deliver the baby if you very early to prevent problems however.